Kellyvision Video Production assists individuals, athletes, families, entertainers and small businesses with their video, editing, and advertising needs. We use our passion and expertise to develop creative products for our clients. In addition to our professional services, we enjoy building relationships with our clients along the process to personalize the end product.

You may not be able to afford to advertise your business during the Super Bowl, but that doesn'’t mean you have to miss out on a large audience. Kellyvision offers video advertising options for various budgets. Using photos and videos to promote your company, organization, or ability are within your reach.

Interviews and video accompaniments for college sports portfolios, funeral memorials, anniversary montages, and entertainment demos are a few examples of products we create for display and internet distribution.

At Kellyvision, quality and personalized service are our priorities. Our client’s needs come first.





Having video on your site can be a powerful way to show instead of telling what your business is all about. If you think videos can only be used by film makers and bands think again. Small business owners from all industries and sectors are using videos to generate leads and sales online. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that 73% of all U.S adults are more likely make a purchase after watching an explainer video.


The Wedding of Angela & Brian Sims 

"Kellyvision Production did a fantastic job capturing our wedding from the photos to the video. I received more compliments than I could count with the quality of work. We could not be more pleased with how you captured our memories can't stop watching and sharing never seen a wedding video like this."


 Thank You.

                                          - The Sims

Hunny Do provides customers with professional service, skilled workmanship at an affordable price. Hunny Do believes that your home or property is your most valued investment. Maintaining your home is important to you. The Hunny Do philosophy is to assist customers in maintaining and beautifying their greatest investment, their home.





Contractor- Hunny Do.. LLC


I truly appreciate the work and talent you have put into the infomercial and website.

Entertainer-The Last Born Child


Shoutouts... To Kellyvision Productions for takin my lyrics to another level with this video!! This is his first music video and he raised the bar on every aspect!!

Photo Shoot


Baltimore, Maryland

Wedding-Angela&Brian Sims

Never seen a wedding video like this.

Baltimore, Maryland